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Retractable Banners are an Ideal Solution for Tight Spaces

Lazzaro Designs recently produced the art for a retractable banner for The Brooklyn Hospital Center. When the banner is fully opened it measures nearly 3 ft. wide x 6.5 ft. tall. Its height measures about 6 inches when closed for ease of transport.

In this instance, the design was tailored to the Talk to a Doc initiative where the hospital arranges for its doctors to set up a booth at venues such as BAM and Barclays Center and be available to speak to patrons.

This banner design with its talk bubbles placed in a grid allows for the height to be adjusted when placed on a desk top without losing the core message

Hot Off the Press: Street Banners

Lazzaro Designs designed a series of street banners for The Brooklyn Hospital Center. Each banner measures 3 ft x 8 ft. The various banners are on display around the hospital and in nearby Fort Greene Park.

The vertical banners’ design complements the horizontal banner Maryellen created, which is installed by the hospital’s emergency entrance.

Tip: When considering an outdoor banner, have the banner vendor provide your designer with the specs detailing where the wind slits and grommets will be located and how much space to leave for the horizontal pole sleeves.

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