Category: Brochures

Refreshing a Donor Appeal

Lazzaro Designs refreshed the appeal brochure of the New York Fighterfighters Burn Center Foundation. While the Foundation is wholeheartedly supported by firefighters, they can’t realize future goals alone. They need support from individuals, the business community and other organizations to allow them to expand their important efforts. This 16-page brochure is their appeal. Within the brochure you can read about the Foundation and its history. Shown above, the appeal’s front cover and a spread highlighting how the Foundation also sends youngsters to burn camp.

Marketing a Weight Loss Center to Patients

Lazzaro Designs is producing collateral to market The Brooklyn Hospital Center’s Weight Loss Center. Collateral has included materials to referring physicians, to prospective patients and to patients who have begun their weight loss journey. Shown here is the front cover of a 36-page patient resource brochure. The brochure contains healthy tips for weight loss, food lists to be used with meal plans and some information on medications and surgery for weight loss.

Brochures for TBHC

The evergreen brochure. Whether it’s a bifold (four panels) or a trifold (six panels), a brochure by our definition folds into a #10-size business envelope and fits easily in that envelope, brochure holder or purse. We are doing a fair number of these budget-conscious, easy-to-read pieces for The Brooklyn Hospital Center as ongoing consultants.

Creating Movement with Static Images

Bones and joints in motion. Diversity in age and ethnicity. Brooklyn. Now capture all that on a printed front cover for an orthopaedic brochure using stock images.

Shown is Lazzaro Designs’ solution. The feeling of movement was achieved with carefully selected with similarly cool color undertones images featuring strong angles against Brooklyn-like backdrops (park, street scene, office environment) seamlessly abutted, and placed asymmetrically in a centered layout.