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Pastoral Care Pamphlet

Here’s another example of one of many cost-efficient pamphlets Lazzaro Designs has produced for The Brooklyn Hospital Center. Like other pamphlets it was also prepared in multiple languages to reflect their multicultural audience.

As for the cover design, a grid organized various religious symbols in a classic yet contemporary way reinforcing the branding approach Maryellen has taken with all collateral she produces for the hospital.

Refreshing a Donor Appeal

Lazzaro Designs refreshed the appeal brochure of the New York Fighterfighters Burn Center Foundation. While the Foundation is wholeheartedly supported by firefighters, they can’t realize future goals alone. They need support from individuals, the business community and other organizations to allow them to expand their important efforts. This 16-page brochure is their appeal. Within the brochure you can read about the Foundation and its history. Shown above, the appeal’s front cover and a spread highlighting how the Foundation also sends youngsters to burn camp.

Physician Onboarding Folder

Shown is a folder Lazzaro Designs recently prepared for The Brooklyn Hospital Center. The folder houses loose material provided to onboarding physicians such as administrative welcome letters, key contact information, 2017 hospital statistics and quality awards, among other items. The design echoes city blocks…appropriate for its Downtown Brooklyn location.

Tailored Signage

A variety of projects come over the transom as part of Lazzaro Designs’ retainer with The Brooklyn Hospital Center. Brochures and pamphlets. Newsletters. Signage. Postcards. Posters. E-blasts. Social Media. The look and feel of the hospital’s patient portal. Each piece is tailored to fit its unique need while also reinforcing the hospital’s brand. Shown is a 18″ x 36″ hallway sign for the hospital’s adolescent center. The sign features diverse faces reflecting its population.