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Hot Off the Press: Burke Rehab E-Newsletter


Maryellen Lazzaro designed the premiere issue of Philanthropy in Motion, a bi-monthly e-newsletter that Burke Rehabilitation Hospital sends to its Burke Ambassadors; she will continue as its designer for future editions. This audience consists of board trustees and top administrators and physicians, as well as other key staff. The publication is designed to guide Burke leaders on how to collaborate with Burke’s development team to build relationships with donors and would-be donors. The newsletter also keeps its readers informed of special events and activities.

Maryellen designed the clean, attractive piece with the client’s branding in mind and it has received excellent feedback.

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Hot Off the Press: Redesigned Quarterly E-Newsletter

alt="HLNY enews"Five years ago, Lazzaro Designs was retained to create a quarterly e-newsletter for Healthcare Leaders of New York (HLNY), the New York Metropolitan chapter of the American College of Healthcare Executives, an international professional society of more than 40,000 healthcare executives. And for five years, we have been writing, designing and project-managing this popular communication tool that is released to the chapter’s 1,800+ members.

For the most recent issue, the client and we decided it was time to refresh the look of the piece especially in light of the organization’s launch of a new website. Here’s specifically what we did:

Voice: Editorially, the basic elements of the original e-newsletter remain, including messages from key leaders, links to upcoming events, member profiles, and useful advice for healthcare executives from the early careerist to the seasoned pro. We continue to interview the profiled members, write fresh copy, and provide editorial support for the organization’s leaders as they craft their messages.

Vision: Before she tackled how the piece would look, Maryellen recommended that HLNY consider using a template in Mailchimp (the organization’s mail delivery system). This eliminated a previously outsourced html coding step, making the redesigned e-newsletter more efficient to produce.

The new look features banners for each section, which were created using a combination of photos of HLNY members, images from their website along with stock icons. The new design complements the look of their website and translates well on any device.

Getting it Done: As they have for the past five years, Lazzaro Designs continues to project-manage the quarterly ongoing project, keeping the editorial calendar, triggering conference calls to brainstorm content, and ensuring that the e-newsletter gets delivered in a timely fashion.

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Link It Up

E-newsletters are excellent communication vehicles for many reasons. They save on print costs, they can be distributed conveniently and immediately, and they demonstrate your savvy in the online world. They can also be customized, as we explain here regarding a client’s e-newsletter. But make sure you’re taking advantage of another important feature of e-newsletters (as we did in the preceding sentence), the hyperlinks.

Throughout your e-newsletter, be sure to provide the reader with hyperlinks back to your website, your posted calendar of events, your archive of other stories, and even other relevant sites that may be of interest to your reader. For instance, a story on an event you are co-hosting might reference your co-host with a hyperlink to their site. And, remember, when applicable, link appropriate information to your company’s Facebook page, LinkedIn profile and other social media.

Links give your readers added value and drive traffic to where you want your readers to go.

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Testimonials: Straight from the Source

“Maryellen is an excellent source of inspiration and design. She has worked for HLNY since 2010 and has consistently proven her ability to deliver beautiful design work for our communications and quarterly e-newsletters, effectively reaching over 1,600 members. Her abilities are a vital part of our marketing success.”

—Nicholas Bilas
Division Administrator, Columbia University Medical Center; and Marketing Committee Chair for Healthcare Leaders of New York