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Welcome to the digital-only version of “TBHC Times”

The Brooklyn Hospital Center keeps Lazzaro Designs on its toes with a myriad of projects. This project was particularly interesting.

We brought TBHC times into the digital space and no longer are producing print versions. Each issue is blasted to the house via email and put on the hospital’s intranet. This allowed the newsletter to come out more frequently (no longer needing to wait for other hospital departments to submit their articles), no longer being confined to a 6- or 8-page 8.5 x 11 newsletter format, as well as being able to have more current content especially photo essays showcasing employees. Given this change the opportunity was ripe to update the banner and make some other design modifications.

The premier digital issue (as shown at left) contained eight articles of varying lengths but all designed with an 8.5″ width. This allowed articles to be stacked.

Now the challenge began to have the newsletter not become distorted and unreadable when emailed or placed on the employee’s intranet as well as be able to read on a laptop or desktop and not need any click throughs (so single page pdfs were not an option). Sounds simple, right? It wasn’t. The premier issue was 65″ in depth. So placing the 65″ jpeg in an email or on the internet presented problems because the two platforms (Mac and PC) in which the jpeg would be viewed didn’t play well with each other! Via trial and error, a workaround was found by slicing the long jpeg into multiple horizontal pieces and then stacking the smaller jpegs. That’s why the design features horizontal white bars between articles. This allowed the slices to be hid within those bars and it worked brilliantly making it appear to the viewer it was one, long, not interrupted newsletter. Voila!!

Hot Off the Press: Donor Newsletter

Lazzaro Designs is pleased to announce that the spring issue of Gratitude, the Burke Rehabilitation Hospital quarterly donor newsletter, has been published. In this issue, articles included how donor dollars have enabled Burke to expand their outpatient care, a photo essay on the construction of the Marsal Caregiver Center, 2018 Burke Award Honorees, upcoming events, and more.

Physician Onboarding Folder

Shown is a folder Lazzaro Designs recently prepared for The Brooklyn Hospital Center. The folder houses loose material provided to onboarding physicians such as administrative welcome letters, key contact information, 2017 hospital statistics and quality awards, among other items. The design echoes city blocks…appropriate for its Downtown Brooklyn location.

Tailored Signage

A variety of projects come over the transom as part of Lazzaro Designs’ retainer with The Brooklyn Hospital Center. Brochures and pamphlets. Newsletters. Signage. Postcards. Posters. E-blasts. Social Media. The look and feel of the hospital’s patient portal. Each piece is tailored to fit its unique need while also reinforcing the hospital’s brand. Shown is a 18″ x 36″ hallway sign for the hospital’s adolescent center. The sign features diverse faces reflecting its population.