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Hot Off the Press: Silvercrest Golf Invitation

The Silvercrest Center turned to Maryellen Lazzaro to design an invitation for its Annual Golf Classic. Maryellen created a fresh look that is a continuation of the client’s modern, yet classic new brand.

Silvercrest retained Lazzaro Designs last year and for this upcoming year to create many new marketing pieces and update some old ones. Take a look at what we’ve done so far for Silvercrest.

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Hot Off the Press: Invitation as Direct Appeal

The Founder’s Society of the North Shore-LIJ Health System Foundation wanted a direct appeal that invited current and potential donors to recommit to and hopefully increase their annual giving to the prestigious health system. Lazzaro Designs was asked to create an actual invitation that served to also outline a new list of membership benefit levels. We created an elegant invitation, along with all the collateral materials (response device, envelopes and cover letters), that prettily conveyed the key messages with clarity and grace.

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Creating a Brand for an Annual Event

Clever branding made an annual event stand out among the many hosted in the tristate region each year. The Silvercrest Center for Nursing and Rehabilitation hosted an annual spring fundraising golf tournament and yearly, in the dead of winter, they sent out save-the-date cards. Using stock photography and Photoshop techniques, Maryellen Lazzaro created a snowman from golf balls and golf clubs with a Silvercrest logo emblazoned on its body and a Silvercrest baseball cap jauntily perched on its head. The incongruous idea of considering a warm-weather event in the midst of the cold season was made logical and memorable by this frankly adorable character. Sometimes he would show up on the save-the-date card in silhouette, sometimes just popping in from the side of the card, sometimes front and center.

The actual invitation, mailed in the spring, featured the important element of the snowman–the golf ball. From year to year, the client and the tournament participants looked forward to greeting the Silvercrest snowman through Maryellen’s playful imagery and effective branding. The snowman made the card, and the event, instantly recognizable in the slew of other save-the-date cards that receivers get in the mail.

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