Category: Nonprofits

Refreshing a Donor Appeal

Lazzaro Designs refreshed the appeal brochure of the New York Fighterfighters Burn Center Foundation. While the Foundation is wholeheartedly supported by firefighters, they can’t realize future goals alone. They need support from individuals, the business community and other organizations to allow them to expand their important efforts. This 16-page brochure is their appeal. Within the brochure you can read about the Foundation and its history. Shown above, the appeal’s front cover and a spread highlighting how the Foundation also sends youngsters to burn camp.

Reach Out This Giving Season

November onward is a traditional season for giving. Lots of individuals and families are more inclined toward charity from Thanksgiving to New Year’s than any other time in the calendar year. In fact, according to a recent survey, over half of the nonprofit organizations queried reported that they received over a quarter of their contributions between October and December, with 16 percent receiving more than half a year’s total contributions during that same season.

So what is your organization doing to capitalize on this seasonal generosity?

TIP: A holiday card that does double duty as a donation opportunity is a great way to build your relationship with proven and potential donors, as well as offer a convenient vehicle for them to give. We are in the process of creating such a holiday card for a hospital foundation client, complete with an enclosed donation reply card and envelope. September sounds early? Nope, several clients come to us right around now because it requires planning to consider the message, design and get all the internal buy-ins, not to mention get the mailing lists in order so the card hits mailboxes just after the turkey leftovers hit the fridge.

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Hot Off the Press: Direct Mail and Follow-Up E-Blast

Lazzaro Designs has been creating a series of appeal letters for North Shore-LIJ’s philanthropic arm, the North Shore-LIJ Health System Foundation. Each direct mail piece has been followed up with an e-blast within the month that is similar in tone both visually and editorially, ensuring a second chance for donors and potential donors to give to this worthy nonprofit health system. As shown here, a recently released appeal letter and e-blast for The Feinstein Institute for Medical Research, the research arm of the health system.

> If you need help with direct appeals or e-blasts, give Lazzaro Designs a call or shoot us an email.