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Pastoral Care Pamphlet

Here’s another example of one of many cost-efficient pamphlets Lazzaro Designs has produced for The Brooklyn Hospital Center. Like other pamphlets it was also prepared in multiple languages to reflect their multicultural audience.

As for the cover design, a grid organized various religious symbols in a classic yet contemporary way reinforcing the branding approach Maryellen has taken with all collateral she produces for the hospital.

Brochures for TBHC

The evergreen brochure. Whether it’s a bifold (four panels) or a trifold (six panels), a brochure by our definition folds into a #10-size business envelope and fits easily in that envelope, brochure holder or purse. We are doing a fair number of these budget-conscious, easy-to-read pieces for The Brooklyn Hospital Center as ongoing consultants.

Hot Off the Press: Q&A Pamphlet Series

alt="Sivercrest pamphlets"

Nearly 10 years ago, The Silvercrest Center turned to Lazzaro Designs for a series of informative pamphlets on topics such as infection control, flu immunizations and pain management. We created a Q&A series of a dozen such pamphlets and they were well used and widely distributed to patients, family and visitors. But time passed and information needed to be updated. Here’s specifically what we did:

Voice: The to-the-point Q&A theme worked beautifully and continues to work well. Other than updating the content, the voice remained the same. If it ain’t broken, no need to fix it.

Vision: Similarly, the pamphlet format was deemed effective and the general look was retained since it complemented the look of the new patient handbook. The pamphlets are placed in the handbook’s inside pockets and are placed in holders throughout the facility. Changing the color of the rectangle behind the logo aids in quickly differentiating one pamphlet from another.

Getting it Done: Maryellen served as a liaison between the creative team and the client, getting these important communications back in the hands of those who need them.

> If you need help creating informative trifolds or a family of pamphlets, give Lazzaro Designs a call or shoot us an email.

Visually Conveying a Sensitive Topic

Recently, Lazzaro Designs produced a pamphlet about restraints. Yes, it was a difficult topic to visually convey. Obviously showing restraints of any kind was not an option. So, Maryellen chose a stock image that was soothing (hands comforting a patient’s hand). In fact, within the brochure tips were provided to guide families and friends on what they can do to help reduce a patient’s agitation and minimize the use of restraints.

As for the design, it is in keeping with the look Maryellen has developed for all brochures being prepared for The Brooklyn Hospital Center’s department of nursing education. And like all brochures will be produced in multiple languages.