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Hot Off the Press: Responsive Website for IT Consulting Firm

IMC, an IT consulting firm whose client base includes many nonprofits, had a website with a muddled message and limited functionality. Lazzaro Designs collaborated with a third-party tech expert to completely redesign the website, sharpening the firm’s message, updating the site’s visual impact, enhancing the viewing experience by improving its responsiveness, reorganizing the site’s architecture, and advising on an ongoing blog from which to launch e-marketing blasts. It’s live now–take a peek!

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Tried & True: The e-Blast

We are big fans of the e-blast! This marketing email is delivered to a large list of subscribers using software such as iContact or MailChimp (to mention just two of many options). The service is typically free or low-cost and is very easy to navigate and manage. Using engaging copy and eye-catching images, Lazzaro Designs has sent out monthly e-blasts (such as the one shown here, top) to highlight a service or a particular characteristic of our work.

A hybrid of a postcard and an advertisement, the e-blast is a cost-effective way to keep your name in front of clients and potential clients, as well as provide easy hyperlinks to drive traffic to your website and your blog. Lazzaro Designs has helped several clients create their own effective e-blast campaigns, as was the case for Consulting For A Cause (see bottom image).

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Is LinkedIn Doing All It Can For You?

Many of our clients, especially those who are sole proprietors, want to use LinkedIn as a powerful tool to raise their visibility, market their brand and get more clients. But sometimes they don’t know where to begin. We can help. Lazzaro Designs has in the past six months gotten several new clients from the love and attention we’ve paid our individual LinkedIn pages. We’ve shared our learned lessons with several clients, including Mary Lee, president of Innovative Microsystems Consulting, Inc. IMC provides tech network and software solutions to companies. Here’s some of what we did for Mary Lee and what we can additionally do for you:

1. As you can see here, Maryellen provided Mary with a customized LinkedIn profile background with her IMC logo, as well as iconic images picked up from her website. This enlivens her page and promotes her brand across different platforms.

2. We can help you upload portfolio samples to show a real peek at your work and/or services.

3. We can advise you on picking your best professional head shot and help you find a good photographer.

4. Editorially, our writers can clean up your summary and experience sections.

5. We can consult with you about what groups and companies to follow, as well as what skills to display.

6. We have specific tips to share on getting more recommendations and connections.

7. We can also give you advice on sharing updates and posts.

8. We can help you link in (pun intended) your LinkedIn to your company’s website.

In our experience—and Mary Lee’s—using Lazzaro Designs to polish your LinkedIn presence can really be a big-bang-for-a-little-buck effort.

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Testimonials: Straight from the Source

“When Kim and Maryellen suggested my using an infographic to increase my social media presence, they took the time to explain the whole concept and also gave me different options that were suited for my business. They stayed on top of the project keeping in mind all the deadlines. They walked me through the whole process diligently and patiently and made all the required changes in a timely fashion. The personal attention and direction that they provided helped me to keep the focus over the several weeks of this project. I could not have better support. They are extremely resourceful, professional and know their stuff. I will always go back to Kim and Maryellen and would highly recommend them.”

Masooma Z. Ali
Principal Broker, Connecticut Choice Realty