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Tried & True: The e-Blast

We are big fans of the e-blast! This marketing email is delivered to a large list of subscribers using software such as iContact or MailChimp (to mention just two of many options). The service is typically free or low-cost and is very easy to navigate and manage. Using engaging copy and eye-catching images, Lazzaro Designs has sent out monthly e-blasts (such as the one shown here, top) to highlight a service or a particular characteristic of our work.

A hybrid of a postcard and an advertisement, the e-blast is a cost-effective way to keep your name in front of clients and potential clients, as well as provide easy hyperlinks to drive traffic to your website and your blog. Lazzaro Designs has helped several clients create their own effective e-blast campaigns, as was the case for Consulting For A Cause (see bottom image).

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Tried & True: The Trifold Series

The good, old trifold. These pamphlets slip as comfortably into an acrylic brochure holder as it does into a business-size envelope or a handbag. There are many reasons to return to this perennial favorite beyond easy distribution; trifolds are budget-conscious choices that impart information in an easy-to-read manner.

One of our favorite solutions for complex programs that target several different audiences is to create a trifold series. The Louis Armstrong Center for Music & Medicine at Mount Sinai Beth Israel, for instance, offered different sets of services to three distinct audiences: musicians and performing artists, adults with COPD and heart disease, and kids and teens with asthma. A single capabilities brochure would be expensive and not appeal to two-thirds of the audience at any given time. A single trifold would not be big enough to cover all its programs. Instead, we produced three stunning trifolds, one for each patient group, distinct, but clearly of the same family.

Tried & True: Employee Newsletters

We just delivered the February edition of Gazette (shown top, right), the employee newsletter for St. John’s Episcopal Hospital. Customized employee newsletters function on several levels: They communicate important messages, such as reiterating service standards or building pride in the organization; they help employees know they are appreciated and recognized; and they serve as an internal marketing tool, since often hospital employees are patients, as well.

TIP: When we create employee newsletters we seek to mix in ongoing features that readers will appreciate and anticipate. Examples might include focusing on various departments (so what does Nuclear Medicine do and where are they located?), wellness corner (with the all-important fall reminder to get the flu shot), and thank you letters from grateful patients (who doesn’t like to be called out in a positive way?).

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