Hot Off the Press: New Take on Transit Ad

Hot Off the Press: New Take on Transit Ad

Last spring, Lazzaro Designs created a series of three transit ads for The Silvercrest Center, each touting an outpatient rehab expertise. The ads were designed to be displayed together for high impact, yet could each stand alone. The client was so pleased with the result that they requested we turn the ads into posters, which were installed on site at the facility.

Recently, Silvercrest came to us again asking for a version of the campaign that incorporated all three design elements into a single ad. The plan is to feature this single ad prominently at key subway station entrances. In particular, they wanted the Swallowing and Speech service to have the most prominence, given that Silvercrest has renowned expertise in this specialty.

The result is as eye-catching as the original campaign, yet recognizable, serving to further remind the local audience of this excellent resource in their midst.

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