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Visually Conveying a Sensitive Topic

Recently, Lazzaro Designs produced a pamphlet about restraints. Yes, it was a difficult topic to visually convey. Showing restraints of any kind was not an option. So, Maryellen chose a stock image (soothing hands comforting a patient’s hand). In fact, within the brochure families and friends were provided with tips on how to comfort an agitated patient to minimize the use of restraints.

As for the design, it is in keeping with the branded look Maryellen has prepared for The Brooklyn Hospital Center’s department of nursing. And with all brochures it will be translated into multiple languages.

By the way, finding the right visuals to accompany sensitive topics is nothing new for Maryellen. She has also developed collateral on topics such as incest and sexual abuse as well as easing the burdens of cancer and its treatment.

Pastoral Care Pamphlet

Here’s another example of one of many cost-efficient pamphlets Lazzaro Designs has produced for The Brooklyn Hospital Center. Like other pamphlets it was also prepared in multiple languages to reflect their multicultural audience.

As for the cover design, a grid organized various religious symbols in a classic yet contemporary way reinforcing the branding approach Maryellen has taken with all collateral she produces for the hospital.

Hot Off the Press: Brooklyn Hospital Spring Community Newsletter

Lazzaro Designs is pleased to announce that the spring issue of Keeping Brooklyn Healthy, The Brooklyn Hospital Center’s biannual community newsletter, has been published. In this issue, articles included TBHC earned the best safety/quality score in Brooklyn as graded by the Leapfrog Group, a young philanthropist gives to TBHC, community outreach update, a happy joint replacement story, and more!