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The Advantage of E-Newsletters

Before the pandemic hit, TBHC’s employee and department newsletters (which Maryellen designed) were traditionally printed. Once the pandemic hit, we discussed with the hospital’s marketing department the benefits of going entirely digital. In addition to eliminating the printing cost, it freed up all layout and page constraints. Each newsletter is now designed as a scroll of varying lengths to accommodate content, which can include links (and QR codes). These newsletters are distributed through the hospital’s intranet.

Late Spring 2021 newsletter: The road back to a new normal

Even in a global pandemic life – and marketing – goes on for this Brooklyn-based community hospital. Its department and employee newsletters went entirely digital (of course, a nice cost savings benefit and no need to hand distribute!). Our community newsletter, Keeping Brooklyn Healthy continues to be traditionally printed. In this issue: two pages were devoted to the latest everything devoted to COVID-19 sprinkled with photos of employees getting vaccinated; the hospital’s telemedicine program; surgical milestones; new partnerships, to name a few. However, for me, when I think of this issue what comes most to mind is the stunning cover photo that beautifully captures the overarching message of the road back…I found it on (a site that offers FREE images!! :))

TIP: Free Assets are out there!

Probably like many independents I had some business down time during the pandemic. I didn’t want to lose billable hours so I created projects for myself (that my client greenlighted). One of the projects was to comb through sites that offer FREE assets (photos and illustrations) and download appropriate ones into my image archives. Here are my three favorite sites for free stuff…and who doesn’t like free stuff!, and Nowadays I search for images there first before (if needed) doing a deeper dive into fee-based stockhouses.

Testimonials: Straight from the Source

Maryellen is our number-one go-to consulting designer and she is an invaluable asset to my marketing team at The Brooklyn Medical Center. Not only does Maryellen handle jobs big and small, but she is a savvy advisor on our direction and strategy as expressed through our design. I can’t imagine doing the lift of our busy department without her.

Kim Flodin, Sr. Marketing Director