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Pandemic. What’s to say. All hands on deck to help TBHC during this difficult time. Maryellen prepared posters and banners relaying how the hospital is adapting its policies, as well as stay-safe tips. TBHC also launched a weekly TBHC Reaches Out: Coronavirus Concerns e-newsletter (shown here) that Maryellen prepares in Mailchimp. Not surprisingly, the e-newsletter gets a high percentage of opens and so far no subscriber has opted out.

Keeping it fresh!

Here’s a recent issue of Keeping Brooklyn Healthy, The Brooklyn Hospital Center’s community newsletter. It was an ideal time to tweak the look so it coincided with the newsletter’s expansion to eight pages and the decision to produce it quarterly vs. biannually. In this issue, articles included an update on the construction of TBHC’s physician pavilion, how TBHC provides excellent GI, obstetric and pediatric care, a photo essay highlighting the many community events TBHC has recently hosted, and much more.

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Pastoral Care Pamphlet

Here’s another example of one of many cost-efficient pamphlets Lazzaro Designs has produced for The Brooklyn Hospital Center. Like other pamphlets it was also prepared in multiple languages to reflect their multicultural audience.

As for the cover design, a grid organized various religious symbols in a classic yet contemporary way reinforcing the branding approach Maryellen has taken with all collateral she produces for the hospital.