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Tried & True: Employee Newsletters

We just delivered the February edition of Gazette (shown top, right), the employee newsletter for St. John’s Episcopal Hospital. Customized employee newsletters function on several levels: They communicate important messages, such as reiterating service standards or building pride in the organization; they help employees know they are appreciated and recognized; and they serve as an internal marketing tool, since often hospital employees are patients, as well.

TIP: When we create employee newsletters we seek to mix in ongoing features that readers will appreciate and anticipate. Examples might include focusing on various departments (so what does Nuclear Medicine do and where are they located?), wellness corner (with the all-important fall reminder to get the flu shot), and thank you letters from grateful patients (who doesn’t like to be called out in a positive way?).

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Case Study: Major Capabilities Brochure

Several years ago, Lazzaro Designs was retained to create what the client called an “annual report” for the Department of Orthopaedics at Beth Israel Medical Center. After an in-depth meeting where we asked questions and listened, we helped the client focus their attention on creating a major capabilities brochure, with all the impact and pizzaz of an annual, but without the “financials” that the word “annual” implies. We understood their needs were threefold: 1) drive patient referrals, 2) make a splash in the orthopedic community at large given their status as a renowned center of excellence, and 3) provide material for philanthropic giving. Here’s specifically what we did:

Voice: Lazzaro Designs organized the 36-page book primarily around the subdivisions with a hefty physician directory at the end. Our writer undertook the massive job of interviewing all the key players of each division and consolidating all the salient points into concise, professional, but accessible copy. She also wrote the tagline for the book that captured the department’s mission.

Vision: Maryellen created spreads that enticed with eye-popping design that relied on a savvy mix of photography, illustration and exciting use of color to reflect the dynamic department. She created a theme using a significant image or object for each spread to illustrate the subdivision—an xray image for joint reconstruction, various balls for sports medicine, a teddy bear for pediatrics. She also designed a stunning cover featuring the perfect anatomical illustration to convey the book’s thematic tagline: “Restoring movement, Repairing damage, Rebuilding bodies.”

Getting it Done: Lazzaro Designs project-managed the enormous effort, including coordinating the interview and approval processes. We also retained and coordinated the photographer for all the significant photos throughout the book, arranging and facilitating the individual physician appointments during a series of headshots days, and providing numerous on-site facilitation and art direction for all such efforts.

The client was thrilled with the impressive result, which had all the gravitas of an annual report, but a longer shelf life. For years, the department proudly used the book and witnessed a boost in referrals and donor dollars.

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Hot Off the Press: Massive Book Designed, Delivered in Two Months

A retired executive, who also dedicated his time to healthcare public service and philanthropy, wanted to share his memoir with his loved ones. The manuscript was provided to Maryellen Lazzaro (along with boxes full of photos and family heirlooms) and a firm deadline was established to deliver 50 case-bound books before December 31, 2013. Maryellen would love to show you a peek of the 404 pages, but it’s private!

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